Areas of Intervention

Guria has strived to intervene in various sectors through its innovative holistic end-to-end strategy to achieve its primary goal of rescuing women and achieving a place safe for women.

SUPPORT AMIDST COVID-19 PANDEMIC – GROCERY, CREMATION, MEDICINE, VACCINATION – One major consequence of the pandemic has been an increase in human trafficking as the associated lockdowns, travel restrictions, rising unemployment and hunger has greatly increased the vulnerability of the marginalized population (especially women and children) already living in precarious situations. Guria India, in order to supplement the government efforts provided grocery kits to nearly 21010 families which thereby has supported almost 2268708 meals amidst COVID-19 pandemic in Ghazipur, Mau, Azamgarh, Varanasi, Chandauli and Mirzapur districts along with red-light areas of Varanasi and Mau districts of Uttar Pradesh state. We also assisted in cremation of dead bodies and distributed government prescribed COVID-19 medicine kits. In addition to this we assisted the government COVID-19 vaccination program in 13 Community Health Centres (CHCs) in 13 Blocks of 4 districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Apart from vaccination at the CHCs, we assisted in organizing around 23439 vaccination camps in rural villages and supported in approximately 2258029 persons being vaccinated by the govt. We also provided automatic sanitizer dispensers, hub-cutters, vaccine carriers, tents with tables/chairs, public announcement systems, PPE kits, vaccinators, data entry operators, organizers, Wi-Fi modems, mobile phones, stationery, IEC materials, lunch packets, vehicles to all the 13 Govt. Hospitals (CHCs) in 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh state. Each CHC was provided with two teams of six persons (2 vaccinators, 2 Organizers, 2 data entry operators) – one mobile team for organizing rural camps (including health sub-centres) and one stationed at the CHC. Guria India especially thanks the team members who worked tirelessly despite some of us contracting the coronavirus ourselves.


Supporting rescued survivors/at-risk children with non-formal education and access to mainstream


Supporting rescued victims/at-risk children with vocational training, one time livelihood support


Ensuring access to health services for rescued victims and at-risk women/girls/ communities in the remote

Legal Work

To take things to a logical conclusion and prevent any resurgence of the powerful brothel keepers/traffickers

Witness protection to rescued survivors

Looking at the life threats from the traffickers/brothel keepers we provide witness

Worldwide awareness campaign

“Freedom Now” – It focuses on Art exchange & Exhibit, Performing Arts and other Initiatives to mobilize public opinion

Prevention of sex trafficking/unsafe migration

The critical mass for change and deterrence of attacks


Status report on police’s misconduct in cases of sex trafficking, child prostitution and rape – invited enquiry


Raising awareness among decision makers and draw public support to lobby for a systemic change


Categorized systematically into Pre-Rescue reccee of the rescue site and completing

Guria Railway Childline at Varanasi railway station

Rescuing vulnerable/trafficked/runaway

Sensitization with stakeholders

Sensitization programs with police, media, advocates, border police,

Prevention at Indo-Nepal border

In order to prevent trafficking at the porous Indo-Nepal border in the district Maharajganj, we undertake awareness campaign


Involved and garnered support from U.N. Economic and Social Council Report on Human Rights Defenders 2006, Asian Human Rights